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Syracuse Strong: New Look, New Season

Syracuse, NY - The Syracuse Strong is looking to pick up from where they left off in 2022, when they won the GDFL Gridiron Bowl XIII; with a few exceptions, including a new look.

Donned in all red the Syracuse Strong enters Gridiron Pro Developmental Football League play against a traditional opponent, the Charlotte Colonials.

Last Saturday the Strong ran away from non-league opponent, the North East Panthers (of Connecticut) 34 - 0. They called it a "tune up game" in preparation for real competition in the GDFL.

"We're excited to start the 2023 GDFL season. We are looking forward to playing the new teams in the Eastern Xtreme East Division. It's going to be an exciting season", said Syracuse Strong President, Khalid Bey.

While they may be considered 'new' to the GDFL, the Watertown Red & Black and the Troy Fighting Irish are no strangers to the Syracuse Strong. The two teams are familiar foes from a previous life, but now they are a part of the GDFL family.

"Games against Watertown and Troy are always competitive, but for now we have to focus on who's in front of us, and that's the Charlotte Colonials", Bey said.

In what is now an unintended tradition, the Strong always host the Charlotte Colonials on Memorial Day weekend and it is always an exciting affair. Expect no different this coming Saturday when Charlotte comes to Sunnycrest Fielded in Syracuse. The gates open at 6pm and kickoff is at 7pm. You don't want to miss it.

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